Ahh yesss….Finally it’s that time of year again, summer. And what really put the icing on the cake is that I’ll be out of school for four months! New York, here I come!

Acne’s Womenswear Summer 2010 Collection; Source: Lookbook


Credit: http://www.stopitrightnow.blogspot.com

I was making my rounds around my fellow bloggers blogsites, and I stumbled upon this on stopitrightnow’s blog on blogspot. She even painted her nails which were inspired by the gorgeous MIU MIU’s Shoes.


Source: The Fashion Spot Forum Website

Cover Story: 2010 marks the ninth year of the Affordable Art Fair New York City and there were over 70 world-renowned galleries that attended the showcase from all reaches of the globe including London, Vietnam, Toronto, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, and San Francisco. The annual event served as a casual venue for new and established collectors to browse through paintings, drawings, sculptures, video, photography, and limited edition prints. The great thing about this particular fair is that it was developed with the younger art buyer in mind, so the setting is always approachable, and the contemporary art featured ranges in price from $100 – $10,000.

The event kicked off on May 5th, and ran through May 9th. A number of fashion-inspired pieces were featured in the exhibit, some of which are pictured on the fair’s website (http://www.aafnyc.com/). The collection was such a wonderfully curated mix of emerging artists that I spent over three hours making my way around the fair, browsing and speaking with the various gallery representatives. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about some of the most promising talent on the art scene, and 75% of the artists features sell their pieces for under $5,000.


In two weeks, school will be over. In two weeks, Summer vacation will begin. In two weeks, I will be moving out. Two weeks, why cant you come any faster?

I guess I can hang in there.



Source: Ebay

There’s three things that I love about this: Strong Shoulders, Rompers (Preferably Jumpers), And that fashionista that can pull it off! Chic.


American Experience (overview; 8 out of 12 pages)

Models: Daria Werbowy, Sasha Pivovarova, Liya Kebede, Patricia Van Der Vliet, Kasia Struss, Mirte Maas, Chanel Iman (+ Frida Gustavsson, Karlie Kloss, Raquel Zimmerman & Lara Stone in the other shots)
Hair: Guido
Make-Up: Lisa Butler
Photographer: David Sims
Fashion Editor: Tonne Goodman

Wow, how ironic. It reminds me of my previous post, ‘Fashion 360’ on how fashion comes back over time. When I saw this, I had to post this on here. They said it was the other culture and world events whether it was economy, that the culture of fashion mirrored America’s journey and now — expressing our experience of a moment in time.


Model: Daria Werbowy

Photographer: Mario Testino

Fashion editor: Marie-Amélie Sauvé

Source: Vogue US May 2010 (scanned)

I love this shoot. It’s at my dream place where I plan to go on my 16th birthday.


Too Faced New Mood Swing Emotionally Activated Lip Gloss

— $20.29; ASOS

Remember when there was mood rings that would continually change color to your current mood? Well now your lips can tell a tale using four different shades of pink. 😉


Valentine Rose 8-Eye Boot — $170; Gravity Pope

As mentioned on the pages of Teen Vogue’s issue: Emerged in 1945, Dr. Martens been ‘marching to its own beat’ five decades strong. And now in 2010, they are celebrating it’s 50 years anniversary by recruiting ten raising bands to put their stamp on the band’s all-time favorite tracks  It debuted in England back in 1960, it was postmen and factory workers […] and then was used by British youths for anti-fashion that was influenced by music by music idols such as Sex Pistols. And as of today, Dr. Marten has been seen on celebrity fashionistas such as Lurdes Leon, Agyness Deyn, Dakota Fanning, and Emma Roberts.

Modern Classics 1460 Cashlin 8-Eye Boot — $145; ASOS


Haha, I remember how I used to make me fun of my mum of how funny clogs look to me when I was smaller and all she said, “No Lexy, I’m not throwing them out — They will come back in fashion, watch.” And, now I have been having my eye on them lately.

Jefferey Campbell Extreme Wedge!

$148.00 — Available — Online Only — at Urban Outfitters!


Ever since Christmas, I was searching up and down for this book but unfortunately it was sold out — EVERYWHERE! So, just the other day, I went on Target and saw it online for $24.95 and I had to order it. The shipping was fast and I have gotten it four business days later (yesterday). I was so excited, I started reading it all night. From what I read so far, it is a must-have in every young fashionista’s library to break into the fashion world whether it is editorial/journalism, photography, modeling, styling, or beauty.

Rating: *****

A job well done, Teen Vogue.


Source: Google

When I thought I would be staying here in Georgia for the rest of my life, my mother surprised me with the shocking news that we are moving back to New York! I wasn’t that young when we moved — I remember that fast lane —Where it seems that people was always in a rush — Honking horns and swearing at one another. I couldn’t especially forget that sight of the city, and not to mention, the beautiful view of the water when crossing the bridges. I always knew, no matter what, that I was a ‘city girl.’


Time to start saving some $$$. 😉

Release Date: 05/27/10


In need of a Victoria’s Secret PINK duffle bag…




Dolce Vita “Lana” Collar Thong Booties!

  • $291
  • Grey
  • Available at Zappos.com!

Dolce Vita “Lana” Collar Thong Booties!

  • $291-298
  • Black
  • Available at Shopbop & Zappos.com!


For some reason lately, I just been having a urge to wear red lipstick. I have seen other girls wore it and it’s just beautiful. And, it just entice me even more. How about it?

XO !

Hey lovelies! I know this is late, but I have been so caught up that I lost track of time to say happy Valentines Day! Well, I would have to say my valentine’s day didn’t go as planned this year. 😦 But anyway, my birthday is coming up and I thought it was time to freshen up my closet a bit (a BIT?) By the way, my birthday is tomorrow (March 1st!) And I plan to treat my self as a queen, as though I’ve been neglecting my self. Since my hair and nails are always being shown off I think I should treat them. 😀 Well, that is all for now.

To all my little fashion monsters –

XOXO, Paperdoll.

British fashion icon, Alexander McQueen (6 March 1969 – 11 February 2010) who died at 40, committed suicide and found in his home earlier this morning in London, when his mother passed away days before.

He was indeed a mastermind in his work. Such a tradegy. May he rest in peace, and his legacy lives on in the fashion world.

For more details : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1250249/Alexander-McQueen-commits-suicide.html

Vogue saddles up for “equestrian” inspired style, in this month’s issue.

Cover Story: “Model Constance Jablonski makes her American debut in an equestrian-themed editorial in the Vogue February 2010 issue. Photographed by Raymond Meier and styled by Elissa Santisi, the Vogue February 2010 shoot features spring’s hottest new accessories including the saddle-leather hobo bag and saddle-strapped watch. With creamy leathers and rich, complementary palettes, Meier captures this regal barnyard shoot perfectly with his hyper-real style.”

To be equestrian, (if you haven’t caught on the theme already) is to wear horse back riding attire. But haven’t this trend out for awhile? I mean, if you look at designers such as Ralph Lauren, it put a inspiration for this spring.

To all my little fashion monsters – XO !

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 09

Is in FOUR days. It’s one of those times where I wish I live in New York again. 😦

Fall/Winter Schedule: February 11-18

Spring/Summer Schedule: September 9-16