Valentine Rose 8-Eye Boot — $170; Gravity Pope

As mentioned on the pages of Teen Vogue’s issue: Emerged in 1945, Dr. Martens been ‘marching to its own beat’ five decades strong. And now in 2010, they are celebrating it’s 50 years anniversary by recruiting ten raising bands to put their stamp on the band’s all-time favorite tracks  It debuted in England back in 1960, it was postmen and factory workers […] and then was used by British youths for anti-fashion that was influenced by music by music idols such as Sex Pistols. And as of today, Dr. Marten has been seen on celebrity fashionistas such as Lurdes Leon, Agyness Deyn, Dakota Fanning, and Emma Roberts.

Modern Classics 1460 Cashlin 8-Eye Boot — $145; ASOS