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I was in awe with what Coach came up with. Here, check it out.

Poppy “cherry” Slim Tote – $198.

Poppy “lemon” Slim Tote- $198.

Poppy “minty” Slim Tote – $198.

Poppy “pepper” Slim Tote – $198.

Poppy “pinky” Slim Tote – $198.

In fashion, I love graphics. ūüėĬ†People would say I’m quite animated at times and SO WHAT!¬†¬†Grab this for the¬†animated fashionista in your life¬†—¬†at!

xoXo Little¬†Fashion Monsters. ūüėČ



I know what you’re¬†thinking, what is she laughing about? Well, I thought about what people wore¬†back in 2009, and¬†back in the last decade it has been. I thought about what people wore¬†and some are bringing this same fashion into 2010 and it’s a DONT. Tell me things what that you¬†are¬†tired¬†to see what people are (still)¬†wearing, and what is a DO or things that should be a¬†DO to see in¬†2010¬†(in the comment box below). I’m eager¬†to see what you all¬†came up with. Since it’s a new year, it’s time for new look, don’t you think? ūüėÄ

xOxo little fashion monsters.

On Twitter, it been said from Elle Magazine that designers is taking more of a “Playful Approach” this spring 2010 – Bows. Enough said, check them out. ūüôā

Hair Accessories.

Luella Yellow Bow (L), Marc by Marc Jacobs (M), Luella Black Bow (R)

Favorite: Oh god, I’m a sucker for hair bows. ūüėÄ


Moschino Cheap & Chic (L), Prabal Gurung (M), Marchesa (R)

Favorite: Can this one be an exception?? I think all three are chic.


Peter Som (L), Luella (M), Naeem Khan (R)

Favorite: I think the skirt by Naeem Khan (right).


Valentino (L), Yves Saint Laurent (M), Parabal Gurung (R)

Favorite: The Parabal Gurung Dress. Most Def. ūüôā

What’s your vote? Cast¬†it in the comment box below.

xoXo little¬†fashion monsters. ūüėČ

Lately, I just been having “Gaga Fever.” This term is referring to women¬†(and possibly men) who has¬†transitioned in a fashion state of mind; meaning one being a lady gaga different. And, probably this is why…

Platinum Hair Bow – $9.99

Turquoise Hair Bow – $9.99

Color Fiend Black Hair Bow – $9.99

Neon Pink Hair Bow – $9.99

Red Hair Bow – $9.99


“I’m an outspoken and extreme dresser. I am inspired by photography and art, but mostly by New York.” -Lady Gaga

“Well, that’s your opinion, isn’t it? And I’m not about to waste my time trying to change it.” -Lady Gaga

Available at Hot!

M.I.A. is back !¬† Her¬†work is creative and articulate. I love¬†her.¬†When she gotten pregnant, I haven’t heard from her¬†ever since ‘Paper Planes’.¬†¬†¬†I want to say congrats to her baby boy, Ikhyd (first erroneously reported as Ickitt) Edgar Arular,¬†and I wish her (and family)¬†the best this new year.

“The Unique Style of M.I.A.”

If you‚Äôve seen the movie ‚ÄúSlumdog Millionaire‚ÄĚ or be anywhere near electronic hip hop in the past two years, then you‚Äôve heard of M.I.A., the sultry British visual artist and songwriter. She loves her colors, her patterns, and the outrageous mixture of the two, and now you can be a part of it with her new clothing line!

MittenBerry Mittens – $24.99

Ahh! Frost Bite! ūüė¶ I think it was time to get some gloves, and¬†it was going to be now or never. So, I went on a mission to find (cute) gloves and after hours of searching — All I can say is, these mittens are so cute.¬†I stumbled upon them on and I was like, ” I gotta have these.” They¬†have three colors to choose from:¬†



…and Snow.

¬†As I’m going down my checklist, it’s warm, cute…¬† and oh, you have a free thumb¬†to text. wait. WHAT?¬†PLUS!! ūüėÄ


While, I’m (Still) internet Shopping, I spot a trend for spring 2010, “Nautical”. From litte anchor jewelry, to sailor tailored dresses, I am thrilled for this upcoming spring. I’am so excited I already started saving some money to put some spring in my step with a fresh look. ūüôā





                          A Fashion Crush for Spring:  


Deux Lux Ruffle Bag Р$68.  (Also comes in Rasberry, Black, and Grey!)!

XoXo little fashion monsters ūüėČ

Silence & Noise Strong Shoulder Dress – $58.


“[Your Name], think outside the box.”

Ahh, I stumbled across this dress when I was internet shopping and all i could say about this dress is hot. Although it’s a fashion throwback (from the 80s)¬†this dress is¬†edgy, different (of which reminds me of Lady Gaga), and most of all, chic.

Anyways, when I was reading the reviews on the dress (more like scanning through) people say that they don’t like how the shoulders stick out alot and causes so much attention. Well,¬†personally I¬†think:” You shouldn’t have bought it.” Not to¬†be mean, but HELLO! If you didn’t¬†know by now, it is an BOLD dress just as you were¬†BOLD enough to buy it. I can’t stress it enough (and i see it everyday!) that¬†people are afraid to be different. I’am peeved (even to say) that when i see people with the same thing on, or even¬†worst—they go ahead and get the¬†same thing what¬†I wear!¬†Afraid of¬†judgement,¬†criticism, or¬†even rejection maybe? Individuality is the qualities that set one person or thing off from all others; the quality or state of being an individual. Take this from a trendsetter and go for it. ūüôā

“Baby, toss out the trojans. Tonight, let’s have sex in style.”

“For Use By Trendy Sluts”


When I heard of Chanel‘s Condoms, I thought this was just a joke. But really, there aren’t¬†and cost $279 for a pack (I think). Who would’ve thought of Chanel Condoms? Nicee. ūüėČ

Fashion expresses¬†a person¬†from head to¬†toe and everything in between.¬†On a sunday morning,¬†¬†my mother and I¬†went on our “girls’ morning¬†out”. We went to the nail salon. The nail technician¬†asked what we wanted and directed us to the two¬†seats available. Immediately, We gotten our nails started. “Design?” The man asked my mother. “No, french tip.” she replied. She always either gets cotton candy or french. “Why you always settle for something plain? Express yourself.” I said to her. “Yes, sure it expresses yourself but¬†a woman and a man told me, it portrays something your not.” She said. “L-Like a nasty girl?” I asked. “Very much so.” She replied. I was stunned. And when the woman ¬†just got¬†done with my last nail, I told her, “Take it all off. I don’t want¬†my designs anymore.” She obviously seemed upset. I think she was so upset that she was talking about me when she was speaking in her first language. ūüėÄ

*Shrieks!* “Mom. Don’t you think this is sooo¬†cute?” I asked. “Oh, I had something like that.” My mother replied. I frowned. “Mom, why is it everything I pick up you always say the same thing?” I asked. She gotten silent¬†and looked at me and finally said: “Turn around and keep spinning until I tell you to stop.*Spinning* Stop. Well. As you know, I’m just as obsessed with fashion as you are. Clothes just goes and comes back into fashion, modernized. And, some things terminate or will always be in fashion.” “Like a 360?” I asked. “More like a Fashion 360.”

Paper Doll (adj.) – A term referring to a upper-middle class or a upper class teenage girl. While girls think that she seemingly “has it all”, guys think that she’s physically attractive and this paper doll is completely aware of that! I mean, A girl who is materialistic (rather convincing), a people’s person (popular), intelligent (also ambitious), straight-forward, and innocent maybe? Probably just because money is her “bestest” friend. Oh, and if you didnt know by now, if you hear a paper doll talks about her self a lot, or is in the mirror 24/7, that’s probably because she’s self centered. There is much egoism in these girls. They believe that they don’t have that kind of insecurity to compare themselves or to have the time to talk about others. More like you? Consider yourself as one! ūüôā